Terms and Conditions

Please read through carefully!

Each potential buyer of a gun or firearm is obliged and has the duty to familiarise himself with the terms and requirements of the Firearms Control Act, 2000 (Act No. 60 of 2000) and the Firearms Control Regulations 2004 with specific reference to, but not limited to, the following:

•    Accreditation categories and the specific purpose for which accreditation is required, namely –

•    Public Collector or Museum;
•    Hunting Association;
•    Sports Shooting Association;
•    Collectors Association;
•    Shooting Range;
•    Training providers in the use of firearms;
•    Provide firearms for the use in theatrical, film or television productions;
•    Game Rancher;
•    Conduct business in hunting;
•    Other business purposes;
•    Official institutions.

Please familiarise yourself with the requirements in respect of:-
License to possess firearms: Business
License to trade in firearms and ammunition
License to conduct business as a Gunsmith

•    Competency Certificates

All individuals who wish to purchase firearms, trade in forearms, manufacture firearms or conduct business as a Gunsmith must obtain the relevant competency certificate. For more information please view: http//www.saps.gov.za/crime_prevention/firearms.htm

•    License to possess firearms

If you already have a valid competency certificate, you must make application for the necessary firearm license at your nearest SAPS station.

Please ensure that upon purchasing the firearm, you pay the prescribed application fees and submit the application form (Form SAP 271) at your nearest SAPS station together with:

?    two colour passport photographs (not older than 3 months);
?    certified copy of your identity document or passport;
?    certified copy of your competency certificate;
?    FICA and/or certified copy of permanent residence permit in case of a non-South African citizen; and
?    a proper motivation indicating the need for the firearm.  

•    All firearms licenses must be renewed every 5 (five) years for self-defence and business purposes, alternatively, every 10 (ten) years for hunting or sports shooting purposes.

•    In terms of the Firearms Act, 2000 (Act No 60 of 2000) no firearm and/or ammunition may be transported in, imported into, exported out of on in-transit through South Africa without a valid transport permit. Please ensure that a valid transporters permit is obtained if applicable.

•    There is a limit of 1 (one) firearm (hand gun or shot gun) for self- defence purposes, up to 4 (four) firearms for occasional hunters or sports shooters (but only one handgun and no fully or semi-automatic rifles and shotguns). No limit for dedicated hunters and for business purposes, bur strict conditions apply.

                                                                                                                                                                                              SALES AGREEMENT:

1.    This sale agreement is a legal contract between Customer and Southern Sky Operations. The Customer hereby accepts Southern Sky Operations terms and conditions upon making a purchase or placing an order with Southern Sky Operations.

2.    These terms and conditions, together with the purchaser order, constitutes the entire sale agreement between the Customer and Southern Sky Operations. The Customer acknowledges that he/she/it has not relied on any statement/promise, representation, assurance, or warranty made or given by or on behalf of Southern Sky Operations save for what is set out in this written sale agreement.

3.    The Goods are as described in the purchase order provided to the Customer.

4.    The Purchaser price of the Goods is as per the purchase order, and is payable by the Customer to Southern Sky Operations upon presentation of invoice.

5.    In the event of payment of the Goods having been agreed by way of instalments and reflected on the relevant written purchase order, then the Customer agrees to pay the agreed instalments on due date, failing which the full outstanding purchase price will become due and payable immediately on demand.

6.    In the event of a Customer defaulting in payment of any agreed upon instalment, then in such event, the then outstanding amount will attract interest at the current prescribed interest rate of 9% compounded monthly in arrears.

7.    In the event of a Customer defaulting in payment of any agreed upon instalment, Southern Sky Operations may elect to cancel the Customers licence application and on-sell the firearm without any further notice to the Customer to defray costs.

8.    The Customer is not entitled to withhold payment of any agreed upon instalment pending issue of the relevant firearm license by the authorities. The instalments are due and payable as per the purchase order.

9.    Delivery of the Goods will only take place upon payment having been received by Southern Sky Operations in full from the Customer, the necessary firearm licenses having been issued to the Customer and displayed to Southern Sky Operations, and payment of any storage costs due to Southern Sky Operations (if any).

10.    Pending delivery of the Goods, Southern Sky Operations reserves its rights of ownership and the Goods will be stored at the premises of Southern Sky Operations. Pending issue of the relevant firearm license and payment for the Goods, the Goods will be stored at the premises of Southern Sky Operations for a period of 1 (one) year free of storage charges and at a charge of R80.00 per month after 1 (one) year months if the license has not yet been issued.

11.    Southern Sky Operations provides no warranty that a firearm license will be issued to the Customer, and will not be held liable for any refusals to grant the necessary firearm license.

12.    The Customer hereby agrees not to abandon any application for a firearm license and if upon first refusal, to submit an appear or re-submit his application immediately upon refusal having been received by the Customer.

13.    If the Customers firearm license application is declined on appeal or re-submission, then in such event, Southern Sky Operations will refund to the Customer 80% of the purchase price of the Goods within 7 (seven) days receipt of notification after deduction of any storage charges due and payable, the Customer agreeing to waive 20% of the purchase price to Southern Sky Operations as a handling fee.

14.    Southern Sky Operations will not be held liable for any form of loss, damage, theft, or gross negligence to the firearm whilst the firearm is stored at Southern Sky operations premises pending delivery of the Goods to the Customer. The Customer acknowledges that Southern Sky Operations does not insure the firearms stored at its premises and the Customer must secure insurance personally.

15.    Southern Sky Operations claim for any storage costs lies with the Customer despite any on sale of the Goods to a third party by the Customer.

16.    The terms of this sale agreement are binding on the Customers heirs, estate and/or legatees.

17.    The Customer, if a Business licensed to deal with firearms, purchases firearms in bulk by way of instalment sale agreement, the Customer will upon acceptance hereof, sign all forms necessary to facilitate immediate cancellation of any application for license, permit, certificate or Authorisation. These signed forms will be retained by the owner, being Southern Sky Operations, pending payment of the purchase price in full by the Customer. If the Customer defaults with payment of any one instalment due and payable by the Customer to Southern Sky Operations, Southern Sky Operations will be entitled to immediately utilise these forms to facilitate cancellation of all associated firearm license applications and ensure successful on-sale of the firearms.

18.    Southern Sky Operations will be entitled to legal costs on an attorney own client scale in the event of having to institute legal proceedings to enforce any of its rights in terms of this sale agreement.